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Monday Mottoes – #88

selfimageSelf-image is a biggie. How you perceive yourself has a lot to do with how far you go in life, as long as you’re willing to put hands and feet to your vision. But it starts with being able to picture yourself in a role.

Perhaps no one in your family ever attained a higher education, so you balk at the idea, the time and the expense. Or, you tend to be on the shy side, therefore any career involving public speaking or training others might be scary. You can’t picture yourself traveling as part of your job, nor overseeing a department or division.

Why not?

If it’s experience or education that you lack, that can be obtained. Mentors exist, books and mottohelpful articles are out there. Take advantage of networking events or professional associations. Mix, mingle, don’t choose to remain on the outside with your nose pressed up against the glass of life.

Which brings us to today’s quote:

“It’s not who you think you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you’re not.” ~Unknown

Naturally, becoming involved in a career or life path which we feel doesn’t suit us… doesn’t make sense. We’re not aiming for against-the-grain, but perhaps out-of-the-comfort-zone. If it means stretching, and reaching and rising above what we’ve known up until this time, well then, we’ll be all the better for it.

Start imagining yourself in the role of your dreams. Refuse to think that could never be you.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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