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Monday Mottoes – #95

the-battery-charlestonCharleston is a very special city. A microcosm of rich and poor, black and white, students and professionals, tourists and locals, all casually cross paths in what’s been known for centuries as the Holy City. Referring to its Catholic roots, houses of worship proliferate including Protestant churches and Jewish synagogues. But of late, Charleston’s citizens have proven themselves to be worthy of the tag.

Where racial violence and tension erupted in Ferguson and imagejpeg_0 in Baltimore, calm and prayer mixed with sorrow and sympathy prevail in this southern port city in the aftermath of Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church mass murder. Friends of ours made a stop there to lend their support and texted photos of beautiful flowers lining the whole area in front of the church, their fragrance and riot of colors blanketing and covering over the all-too-ugly side of death.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Everyone has problems; some are just better at hiding them.” ~Unknown

imagejpeg_1Charleston is hiding nothing, instead, dealing with the raw reality of a troubled person erupting. Even as this young man’s pain led him to cause pain to others, so likewise, the power of good could prevail as people gathered together in encouragement and comfort. It’s not the problems that we have, but how we cope with them, that define us.

Today, start to see your situation, whatever it might be, in a new light. The people of Charleston are not powerless in terms of their reactions and neither are we. By our response, we rise above the issues of life and craft a new future, going beyond the knee-jerk and into a new and powerful way of living. #StrongCharleston, you make us proud!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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