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Monday Mottoes – #99

141125164236-iran-nuclear-talks-flag-missile-tablet-largeAs we approach our 100th Monday motto, it may be time for a Sashenka-ism. That would be a phrase uttered by our youngest daughter, often that makes no sense whatsoever. We can always blame it on the fact that English is not this Russki’s first language, or the fact that she marches to her own drummer may be more like it.

However, occasionally, she gets it right, such as this


saying. I’m not sure where she heard it first, but it rings true in a variety of situations, such as why America is throwing billions, yes, multiplied BILLIONS of dollars to Iran, state sponsor of terror, in a nuclear arms deal where there is no anytime-anyplace, spontaneous verification necessary to receive such sums, but instead, we give them 24 days’ notice before we send inspectors….


iran-nuclear-deal-cartoon-beelerAnd stab our ally, Israel, in the back, while throwing them under the bus as 200,000-400,000 missiles in Southern Lebanon, sponsored by Iranian-backed Hezbollah are pointed straight at the only democracy in the Middle East. Where is President Obama’s “red line” of no pre-inspection notification that he promised? How can John Kerry defend a 24-day advance notice when they clearly said there would be no such thing as part of any treaty???

How is this good for America?

It calls to mind a Chamberlain-like move, heralding peace in our time, when it’s pure deception.

National Army Day Celebration in Tehran

Why else would Iranians be dancing in the streets and burning US and Israeli flags?

Which brings us to today’s motto, a Sashenka-ism if ever there was one, a fatalistic phrase imbued with equal parts of resignation:

“Sometimes these things happen.”

Thank you for that insight.

islam-3-440x292Congress has 60 days to approve or disapprove these Machiavellian measures. In order to be veto-proof, it would require a 2/3 majority. If you wish to contact your member of Congress and let your voice be heard, a listing of Senators and Representatives by state with their contact info may be found at www.congressmerge.com.

I’m sure Sashenka would agree that these things don’t have to happen, if only people would take 5 minutes to speak up. Some argue against funding our nation’s friends, which takes a bite out of our economy… but our enemies? We possess the power to turn around even the most preposterous situations.

Make it a happy Monday, everyone!

(And Happy Birthday to my beloved husband, Benedetto.)


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