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Monday Mug Club: #14

We’re departing a bit from our usual mugs to bring a guy’s perspective.  Yes, there are men out there who might drop by the blog, they’re just not as vocal it seems-!

This mug comes from Willie, who writes:

“My favorite coffee mug is my NASCAR Jeff Gordon one with the big 24 on it.  As a matter of fact, it is so special to me (even thought it was probably made in China) that I like for it to be on display, instead of me using it to drink from.  Jeff Gordon has been my favorite NASCAR driver for the past 17 years, and I would love to see him win another championship soon!”

Well, I’ll agree with that.  Granted, all I know about NASCAR is that it has something to do with racecars going ‘round and ‘round some little track.  I say little, because at 1.5 miles, it’s nothing compared to racing ‘round and ‘round the Beltway like we do here and that can take you hours.  The speeds are probably pretty much the same, too.  However, if you “win” and beat the other drivers, there’s no checkered flag to wave you in, but a uniformed police officer waving you in….

I remember Benedetto going once with the guys to some kind of car race.  For all I know, it was one of those big monster truck races, where the drivers need a ladder to climb into trucks with wheels higher than the height of most houses.  Most likely not.  But I do know, it was a loud affair, one where they told him to bring ear plugs.

Now, Benedetto is not exactly the huntin’ and fishin’ kind of guy.  Where to buy earplugs?  I told him to ask any parent whose child took music lessons, but instead, he headed to some hunting shop and found the merchandise.  I suggested that he buy a camouflage jumpsuit, too, in case he become splattered by mud, but he decided to go “as himself”.

Which raises another perfectly fine issue:  what would one wear to a car race?  Jeans?  Mechanics’ overalls?  Docksiders?  Track pants?  (Makes sense if it’s a race track = track pants, get it?)  Baseball cap?  Wide-brimmed sun hat?

Really, this raises a lot of questions, one that I’m sure most men don’t spend one minute worrying over.  It must be nice to be a man some days.

Today, we salute the men in our lives, with all of their special interests and the things that make them “them”.  Happy Monday, everyone!




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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    I don’t follow racing much either, but I do happen to pause when flipping channels from time to time and I think the “uniform” for attending a NASCAR race is usually a T-shirt, or if it’s kinda hot a tank top emblazoned with your favorite driver and jeans that have usually seen better days. The wiser wear hats as it’s usually brutally sunny.

    Just fashion advice from the trenches. Don’t wear Prada.

    • avatar admin says:

      Well, thank you, Winnie. See– I have “people” to inform me-! And of course I wouldn’t wear Prada, because we’ve all heard that the Devil wears Prada. (A Prada bag is in a different category, of course, since you could carry it, rather than wear it….) 🙂

  2. avatar Ivanka says:

    I am of the mindset that Prada is appropriate anywhere. But, then, I have never been known for being subtle.

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