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Monday Mug Club: #16

We have a couple of homes where we reside for part of each week.  At the dacha, this is what our children’s cereal bowls and mugs look like this time of year.  The house may be different, the mugs and bowls don’t exactly match, but the breakfast is pretty much the same for six days out of seven:  kasha (oatmeal), hot chocolate, and yogurt on the side.

With a healthy breakfast, and a happy table setting, I figure we’ll start each day well.  Of course, it’s always a good idea if, when they place their bowls in the sink, that they rinse out any residue of oatmeal, lest it stick and stay like concrete.

It’s true that we already have the snowflake bowls out and about.  And it’s not even Thanksgiving, yet….

So I saw this cute notebook at a craftstore and couldn’t resist its autumn theme: teacups piled high, leaves and acorns joining the party. Perfect for some notes, or thoughts, or lists of Things to Do before Thanksgiving.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Make it a great day.




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