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Monday Mug Club: #17

As the spectacular reds, oranges, and yellows fade and fall from the autumn trees, the days turn to slightly dreary and drab.  That’s when I enjoy adding a splash of color to the front door, to the tablecloth, to my morning mug.

Poppies have always perked me up.  Usually I spot them in the spring fields of Galilee, after the winter rains are drawing to a close, but the ground is still muddy and light green.

I love this poppy mug set, certainly not heirloom quality, but boasting a tiny tray, a coaster (not pictured) and the mug.  It’s a perfect way to say, “Let there be color and brightness, happiness and joy!”  I am not limited to the grayness around me, nor to the circumstances of life, because I can dream-!

Even our dogs dream.  Misha and Grisha yelp and twitch when entering deep sleep, no doubt catching every squirrel and banishing every cat in their own dreamy-world.  Their legs move in motion as though they’re covering vast territories, these Scottish terriers on the move.  I ponder whether they pass any poppies on these nocturnal REM romps.

Many people confuse anemones and poppies.  Anemones, whether red, blue, purple or fuchsia, always caught my attention.  In Jerusalem during the winter, I would buy a big bunchful, short and stout blossoms, for five or ten shekels on Friday.  Such colors gave a lift to the end of the week.  But poppies were more delicate blossoms, always red, without a beard, and standing on thin stems.  Their strength came from their flexibility as they bent with the breeze, yet were not broken.

May you sense your own strength through flexibility this week.  Happy Monday!



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