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Monday Mug Club: #19

Our younger Scottie, Grisha, has a thing for coffee or tea.  It just depends where.

When Benedetto passes out late at night in a chair, his cup of tea nearby, Grisha will stand on an armchair, put his paws on the sidetable and take some luxurious laps from the cup.  He thinks he’s entitled.

Same with coffee and riding in the car.  Grisha hops up on the console between driver and passenger, enjoying his favorite, almost-hood-ornament posture, sniffing the cup holders for some coffee.  Don’t pop the lid, or have any spillage around the top.  That long tongue will be there, lickety-split, emphasis on lickety.

“Grisha, stop it!” we tell him, knowing that he shouldn’t be trying this.

I’m not sure when he took to becoming a café dog, one who frequents coffee gatherings, but he’s a very sociable kind of guy.  And so, to celebrate, a friend bought our children these four mugs.  How that helps Misha and Grisha is anyone’s guess, but I haven’t heard them complain, yet.

The fun part of these cups is their miniature Scottie in the bottom of the mug.  When you finish your beverage, a playful pup shows up… probably ready to lick up any spare spots of tea and give you a big kiss.

Happy Monday, everyone!




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