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Monday Mug Club: #20

It’s that time of years when nutcrackers dance through one’s dreams by night.  If that’s the case, then why not invite them back for morning coffee?

There are many faces of a nutcracker, or “shelkoon’chik”, as we say in Russian.  Traditionally, they’re fierce fighters with swords for duels, and metal jaws ready to crack the largest walnut shell this side of St. Petersburg.  The nutcrackers look and act fierce.

These nutcracker mugs mirror those characteristics — not cute, smiling, happy-go-lucky looks — instead, they brace themselves to face what lies ahead.  Whether it’s the Mouse King, or any other foes, nutcrackers can handle it… and so can you.

Happy Monday, everyone!

(Feel free to send in a photo of your favorite mug or teacup, and why it’s special to you-!  We’d love to hear about it.)




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