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Monday Mug Club: #23

Benedetto’s sister and her family live a few hours from us.  Whenever we visit, it turns into a marathon event where we know we’ll be home very, very late.

A little cappuccino makes the journey that much better.

There’s something about Patrizia’s coffee that’s just very soothing.  It’s rich and full, the froth is perfetto, what can I say?  Many a café would do quite well to offer a beverage of this quality.  It doesn’t matter whether she whips it up, or her husband functions as the barrista (often dressed in a Catalan-style hat, hearkening to the non-Italian half of his heritage, I’ve told you before, this is an eccentric family)

Exquisite espresso every time.  Cappuccino that won’t quit.

These are warm, soothing beverages enhancing our time with family, ensuring that we stay awake long enough to make it home.  This is one time when I don’t insist on decaf.

Cousins are running around, having quite the time, venturing forth to the park nearby.  Dogs are running and barking as we try to keep Misha and Grisha away from Charlie, their doggie “cousin”, and give each of them their own playtime in the backyard.  It’s exhausting, but it’s family.  The java jolt keeps us all going.

I hope your day starts with a good kind of “bang!” and continues full steam ahead throughout.  Happy Monday, everybody!



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