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Monday Mug Club: #24

I love it, another guy mug!  This one comes from Porter, in his early 20s and a budding musician.  He enjoys writing music, playing the keyboard in his church, working at a radio station, and being a role model to the adopted kids he knows.

This is his mug, perfect for a long winter night jam session lasting late with musician-friends.  Thanks, Porter, may there always be a song in your heart and a well-stocked recording studio in your future.

Make your own kind of music today.  Happy Monday, everybody!



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  1. avatar SLB says:

    A home filled with music is a wonderful home. Enjoy jamming with Jesus, Porter! It is refreshing to know about young people focusing on sharing their gifts by serving in their local church. The Bible says “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” Yay! There is hope for every child! Every child is unique. Every child is gifted in their own special way. I believe that when children are raised in an atmosphere that makes room for their gifts then there are no boundaries cause the Bible also says ” your gift will make room for you”! Parents simply need to be aware of these gifts and make room in their hearts, time, finances, etc. His obviously have. Go in God! He prepares the way before you!

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