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Monday Mug Club: #26

This mug is getting us ready for Valentine’s Day with its saying, “Love is Sweet”.  I enjoy its simplicity of design, nothing fancy, just reminding us to treat our loved ones well.

I once spoke with an older woman who came to me for counsel about her husband.  The kids were raised, the love was gone, they were strangers in the home.  I asked her about their daily interactions:  did they eat breakfast together?  did they talk at all?  did they make plans to do things as a couple?

No, no, and no.

“Well then, I’m closer to you than your husband.  You made plans to see me today, we’re chatting together….  I want you to start every day from now on with a smile, a ‘Good morning’ and a kiss on the cheek.  Whether it’s reciprocated or not is up to him.”

Do you know, things turned around-!  And it was all with simple steps.  Why is it that we often treat strangers better than our loved ones?

Be sweet today.  You deserve good things (and good people) in your life.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Do you have a favorite mug or teacup that makes you happy?  Share it with the rest of us!  Tell us if it’s from a certain place you visited, from a child or grandchild, or a great-grandmother, or you just went out and bought it for yourself-!  Share a couple of sentences and send it to our 3-D e-mail.  You can put a smile on someone’s face.



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