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Monday Mug Club: #28

As Valentine’s Day comes up this week, our thoughts turn toward love.  L. sent in this beautiful Chinese teacup that has special meaning for her.

You see, over 20 years ago, L.’s husband left her.  She had a young child at the time and he simply moved away to another state.  Her grandmother was still living then and she told the husband before he abandoned the family, “Always remember that when you return, this teacup will be waiting for you.”

I don’t know if the man liked tea, or things Chinese, or if he knew that the teacup was quite valuable.  How it was supposed to draw him back home is difficult to say.  L. reports that he never came home (yet), but she still considers him her husband.

So today, we raise our cups to love that never fails, love that endures, and love that sees the best in others.  Happy Valentine’s Day (in advance!) and make it a week full of hope and love.


Send in your teacups or mugs with their special meanings for you.  We’d love to hear about them!  Send to:  info @ destinationsdreamsanddogs. com.



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