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Monday Mug Club: #30

The other day it was chilly outside, some snow was melting, and Benedetto and I stopped by a Colonial-style coffee shop.  The fire was roaring with its old-fashioned coffee pots and water being kept at a slow boil.  The atmosphere was subdued and peaceful.

Don’t you love the crackle of a nearby fire?  The pleasant conversation of those in the same room?  The pause in an otherwise busy day?  The ability to breathe and release the tensions of the week?

You have friends and family who care.  You may not always make time, but reach out to them even if they’re far away—a loving note, a funny card, an e-mailed family photo.  They may appear indifferent because of problems of their own.  On the other hand, it’s best to stay away from truly toxic people….

Life is often what we make of it and difficult times come to all of us.  We can make the proverbial lemonade and look at the bright side, or we can be overwhelmed.

I choose the lemonade.  Or, in this case, a tiny cup of coffee with my husband beside a roaring fire.  Give yourself a break and a new perspective on life.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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