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Monday Mug Club: #31

I grew up with a dog, a dachshund, and a cat that later adopted us.  She showed up one day outside the front door and my mom started feeding her.  After the first six months or so, the two got along pretty well, though the cat lived outside and the dog lived inside.  Kind of an upstairs-downstairs caste system, lol.

I totally understand those who are cat people, or dog people, where you have a strong affinity for one or the other.  Cats are fine in my book, as long as they don’t use the antique couch or Persian rugs as a scratching post for their claws.  Flicking fine glassware off the shelf with their tail doesn’t work well, either.  It’s an act of aggression, pure and simple.

Who can fault a dog, on the other hand, if his wildly-wagging tail happens to thump into a Chinoiserie item?  You can tell from the goofy smile on his face and the joy in his dancing feet that he didn’t mean it.

Dogs are full of love, unabashed and unconditional love (that is, unless you’re a stranger moving within a 500-foot perimeter of home, car, or office that they’re guarding).  This funny mug celebrates some of the strong feelings that dog enthusiasts have for their pets.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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