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Monday Mug Club: #32

Mondays are days for nostalgia and sweet memories.  Forget the weekly grind, the hustle and bustle of back to work, or back to school.  Savor the sweetness of life that comes from a special song, a lovely aroma, a mug or teacup of childhood or adult remembrances.

This cup comes from Milena, proud owner of many fine antiques and objets d’art, but it’s the simplicity of message behind this ordinary piece that gets her every time.  She writes,

“This cup is so special to me.  My dad gave it to me, originally it was my grandmother’s.  He died several years ago and now each time I look at this cup, tears come to my eyes as I think of the one who gave it to me.”

Not planning for her own demise in any way, but I could see her passing this down to her dear daughter, adopted from China years ago.  The more our families change, the more they remain the same— united by love.

Fill your heart with positive memories today.  Happy Monday, everyone!



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