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Monday Mug Club: #33

Spring is in the air and it’s a perfect time to sit on the terrazzo with friends.  These cheery espresso cups remind me of springtime, and flowers, and happy thoughts, pausing to greet the day as the sun arises, or as it slowly begins its descent.

The Mediterranean colors of these demitasse cups speak of stone houses overlooking the azure sea below, herb and flower gardens in huge clay pots and windowboxes.  A massive market umbrella shades the tiny terrace where antipasto or tea cakes await.  The faint, far-away sound of children and dogs playing in the distance wafts by.

I love the spoon that says it all.  “Espresso yourself.”

Today could be the day to express yourself and let the “true you” come out, the you that enjoys life, and makes time to enjoy the seasons.  The trees are budding, the flowers are peeking out.  Forget the pollen, and focus on the beauty.

Today’s your day.  Happy Monday, everyone!



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