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Monday Mug Club: #34

I can’t remember who, but somebody gave Benedetto a pair of these hefty mugs:  Coffee Smells Like Freshly Ground Heaven.  Well, amen to that!

He and I have enjoyed many a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, me switching over to decaffeinato mid-life (probably the only person to traverse Italia’s mountains holding fast to my health convictions as long as it was water-processed decaf), in addition to all types of green, black, and herbal teas in one form or another.  But it all started with coffee.

I remember him taking me to his favorite coffee roaster in Jerusalem.  Inspired by the aromas and the science of getting the roast exactly right, Benedetto decided to try the process for himself, buying green coffee beans and roasting them in an old pan over the gas stove in our flat.  He kept shaking the pan to ensure that they were evenly cooked, as one would with an omellette (or with Jiffy Pop Popcorn from the old days), and soon, husks were floating everywhere through the kitchen.  These lightweight skins to the coffee beans would be found for days to come in every nook and crevice around the room.

He ground the coffee, and I can’t say that it was the best cup I’d ever tasted.  The professional roasters must have known something special that we didn’t.  We let the Coffee Roasting Incident fade away into oblivion, but I had to admit, the man had a nose.  He knew coffees that had cardamom, or what was the specific bean, or particular roast of each cup.  The nose led him down the straight and narrow, causing him to wonder in disbelief at the American “flavored” coffees, not meant for the conoscenti.

This ample-sized cup means business when it comes to coffee.  There’s enough room to get a full-bodied roast ready to savor.

Heavenly.  A good way to typify coffee, a good direction to aim for in life.  Focus on something heavenly today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


(Keep sending in your mugs or teacup photos and why they’re special to you…!)



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  1. avatar Gwendolyn says:

    We have converted to cooking meat in a water oven. I have sent you an email about it. Benedetto needs to meet THIS technology! You’ll be carting your Sous Vide back and forth to the dacha… I can see my DH shipping HIS Sous Vide to Florida for our vacation. He claims not, but I’m waiting for proof. 😉

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