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Montpelier Train Depot

IMG_3421It was one of those sites that just presents itself. As usual, we were on our way traveling from one place to another, when good fortune would have it, we passed a delightful stop. Not really interesting enough to make a special trip just for this, it was an aha moment when the serendipity of the situation made the site even more special.

Let’s put it this way: only two of the three teens along for the ride would even get out of the car. It appears that summer ennui has set in.

What site are we talking about? The Montpelier Train Depot, a small, century-old train depot on Route 20 IMG_3423in Orange County, Virginia, about one hour off of I-95 in the direction of Culpeper. Now associated with nearby James Madison’s Montpelier, the depot sports not only a tiny, postage-stamp-sized post office, but also has been restored to depict segregated waiting rooms, various postings in the exhibit about black feelings regarding Jim Crow laws and more.

Particularly in this time in our nation’s history, when warm temperatures soar and old unrests are brought to the boiling point, we need to remind ourselves that our past is not our future. We can respond in new, respectful ways to all people of any color.

IMG_3422The old train depot also has a teletype machine for sending telegrams, an Underwood typewriter (my fave, but then I have one, too!), and a wall-mounted telephone with no dialing apparatus right next to the pot-bellied stove. The “White” waiting room is larger than the “Colored” side, but both have benches and a wood stove.

An appropriate stop during trying times. If we all would stop IMG_3425and consider our racial past and our future, we would craft a better and kinder world around us. Segregation was not the answer and neither is violence.  Days of rage or days of reason — it’s up to us.

The Montpelier Train Depot, 11350 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, VA 22957.


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