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More Blue Home Accessories

IMG_4396It’s that time of the year in much of the world when thoughts turn to the beach. Accordingly, I’ve been sniffing around for an accessory or two to brighten the home and lend that air of breezy blue. While I normally reside in the Serious World, my forays into the Fun World have not been rebuffed. I’ve found it rather refreshing, as a matter of fact.

First, I looked for starfish online. Not just any starfish, because I know of beachwear stores galore near our dacha, but I remembered lovely royal blue starfish from a boating foray in the shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific. Unlike many of the lower-end stores in our area or online, these were not painted. The Linckia laevigata, or blue stars, were natural.

So that’s where I started, locating some online. Imagine these in a kitchen or bathroom window, or on a counter. They add that pop of color that says summer.

Passing by the hardware store for some flowering rose bushes, my right-hand man spied Adirondack chairs of the turquoise IMG_4395variety, but not just any wooden chair, nooooo… these were… plastic! Generally, that would repel me, but being impervious to the weather and under $20 a piece, I threw caution to the wind and grabbed some. Generally, I would tend toward dark grey, however, I bit the bullet and stuck to my Fun theme.

And where of all places would I find another pop of blue, but yes, my favorite dollar store. They offered decorative glass bottles of every kind, some in the royal blue family.

Done and done.

Are you doing anything for summer cheer?


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