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More Coming to Roost

nest1I have read articles about there being “no accidental adopters”.  While I understand the point being made, our own experience was not so deliberate (http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/the-accidental-adopters/).  And here we are, with more coming to roost as we move from winter to spring (almost).

We’re not talking kids here, we’re talking tiny birds hiding in the wreath on the front of our door.  There are two of them, presumably Mama and Papa, who have added their twigs and probably our Scotties’ dog-hair puffs, and made a toasty nest between wreath and door.

So what’s the problem, you ask?  Not a thing.  We love to see them poke their heads up when we come or go.  But there’s just one little issue.

The family was rushing out to a meeting recently.  One of the kids opened the door, and of course, heat conservors they’re bird-sightings-wrennot, so the door was ajar at a rather wide angle.  The birds, who often decide to fly the coop when the door opens, made the quality decision not to fly outward, but inward… into our house!

Everyone started shouting, no doubt urging the second bird to come along and join the first bird.  I shouted to close the door as the second one headed for the hills, and the first one took a tour of the house.

It took about 20 minutes, and shooing the bird from room to room, turning out lights to try to urge the bird toward one light near the front door, Benedetto chasing the tiny bird with his big Italian fedora.  What a mess.  He flew up the stairs, involving another whole level of the home to play hide-and-seek.

At lest, we got him out the door, and warned everyone not to let it happen again.  Had a party with all guests being warned, and no ill effects.  Until a week later.

garden-nettingA Russian friend arrived.  We knew of her impending arrival and a child threw open the front door.

In came the bird.

Try and chase out the diminutive bird with an onlooker… onlooking.

So we put her and the kids in the dining room and closed the French doors.  One of the children was sure that the bird was in the living room.  Naturally, I came late to this party of sorts and had no idea where the interloper was located.

After a while, Benedetto gave up after checking under every chair and couch and table and drapery.  He asked me to sit in the living room, while he checked elsewhere.  The dogs had been put away in the kitchen and were howling.  Lovely.

It was then that I heard rustling in the library.  Ah-hah!  The bird was sitting in a small tree there.

Out came the fedora.  No luck, the bird was too quick for us.  I prayed that this was not the Mama, possibly expectant 2010_04_29-10_28_05-8999-house-finch-nestMama.  Benedetto found some black, plastic net construction fencing (?) in our basement and used it as his dragnet, at last trapping the petite petitsah (bird).  I was horrified, but then realized that he simply used the netting to envelop the bird, and that she wasn’t actually stuck in the netting.

“Open the door!” he called to me with urgency.

And out she went.

I know that common wisdom would say to remove the nest from the wreath and hang it on a tree or bush, but I don’t know how sturdy the nest is, and if we could secure it properly elsewhere.  I mean, let them have their babies in peace.  Not that we’re doing much to help with an anti-hoopla environment.

The dogs have not noticed them flying to and from the wreath, yet, but there are cats in the neighborhood.

Our visit with the Russian friend went well, but she glanced over her shoulder as we cracked the door slightly for her to depart.  Yes, an odd sort of family… with a couple of new additions coming home to roost.



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  1. avatar NancyB says:

    I agree – you probably can’t move the nest. Is there another door you can use until either the birds leave, or until they’ve hatched their eggs and fledged their babies? Think of the wonderful front row view you’ll have once the eggs hatch! I love nature – as long as it stays more or less where it belongs! 🙂

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