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More Quick Comfort Food

arugulaI’ve been on my own for a couple of days inbetween shuttling kids here and there. Not the best schedule, but I need to make it work. Without anyone else to presently cook for, I can easily slip into my own bad habits. So I make a conscious effort to cook for myself instead of constantly grazing….

For me, comfort food revolves around veggies. I mean, chicken is my fave, however, my body seems to crave anything healthy. Not sure why that is, but there’s nothing like a heaping plate of asparagus, maybe some truffle oil drizzled on top or parmesan shavings, or a splash of plain olive oil with a quick grind of salt and pepper.

I regularly eat salads on a daily basis, so that’s not really anything to write home about. When I’m by myself, I take a couple of minutes tochard wilt some greens, not just any greens, but a baby kale and spinach blend that includes red chard, green chard and my most-cherished: arugula, known in British circles as rocket. The smokey, nutty flavor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love it.

So in a pan with a smidgen of oil, I toss the rinsed greens, wilting them slightly. When that’s done, I add a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce and three egg whites. These may be allowed to set, as is, until cooked through, or moved around and scrambled with a bit of salt and freshly-ground pepper.

Think of it as a variation of shakshouka, think of it as a yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Colorful, healthy and best of all, yum!

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