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More Sashenka-isms

teens-talkingWe have a very loquacious youngest daughter.  She loves to talk daytime, nighttime, Saturday, too.  The things that come out of her mouth don’t have to make sense, indeed, they rarely do.  As long as there is a constant stream of chatter, she’s content.

Soon, Sashenka will enter her teen years. I’ve basically considered her a teen for the past year, not so much in terms of maturity, but in terms of well, like, talking, and like that kind of like stuff, like, just like, you know, like, no “off” switch.

All of this chit-chat results in what I term Sashenka-isms, whether phrases or terms that she may use with utter abandon, but they generally don’t mean, yeah, like, well, like, something like thatmom-teen-talking.  Like.   Whatever.   Like.   You know.

Details, such as getting words right the first go-round, don’t always impress her.   The other day, she was waxing eloquent on Art History.

This is a new subject for her and I asked if it involved any memory work such as her older brother had done when he was a bit younger than her.   We’d show him stacks of flashcards and he would recite the names of the paintings and the artists.   It was fairly staggering as he could discuss art periods and their respective styles.

sphinxNo, Mama, right now I’m studying temples, she explained.

Temples? I blinked, my mind running from architecture, to religion, to what-was-the-connection-with-art-history?

Temples around the world.  There’s the Finx in Egypt, and the whatcha-ma-thingie in England Stedge?  Sten?  I know Stenhenge!

The Sphinx and Stonehenge?  I see, I murmur, not thgetting the drift at all, except that Sashenka was on a roll, building up steam.

I enjoy our little exchanges.

The other three teens discussed various aspects of algebra.  One was quite advanced in the subject, while the remaining two were more newbies.  Not totally understanding how letters might be used in math, Sashenka piped up, not to be outdone.

Well, I’m studying injuh  ingious  injuh-something, she interrupts.

integersIntegers, her father assists, since she has not been able to recall the word for well over a week.

That’s it!  Integers.  And let me tell you, that’s hard stuff!

 Sashenka do you know what intergers means?  I ask.

It’s a type of math.  Very hard.  Today I did word problems with them, and some of the word problems included facts that weren’t even part of the problem!  They were trying to trick me.

And did it work?


“Exactamundo,” I reply.  “Hey, listen, I’ll let you in on a secret:  ‘integers’ are numbers.  That’s it.  It’s another thword for ‘numbers’.”

She screws up her face like, You’ve gotta be kidding.

No, dude, I’m not.  I know she’s notorious for skipping over parts of her textbooks that might include explanations or examples.  All the more reason to come to us and have a conversation about something that should be semi-straightforward.

Silence for several seconds.  I may have crushed her bubble of some kind of perceived new and exotic math.  Then, three… two…. one….

College“Mama,” the voice that never ends starts again.  “When it comes time for me to go, will I go to college first, or university first?  Which one comes after high school?”

Riding in the car, she can’t see my face, so I work hard on not betraying a smile with my voice.

“Either one is fine, Sashenka.  They’re both pretty much the same.  You can study for a four-year Bachelor’s Degree at a college, or at a university.  If you hope to continue your studies for an advanced graduate degree after that, you’d probably end up at the university, which is generally bigger and offers M.A.s or Ph.D.s, also.”

Just entering junior high, I wonder if we’ll ever get that far.  At least she has enough sense to talk with an authority on any subject under the sun, your dear correspondent, lol.  Plus, it provides me with free entertainment, as though I’ve enrolled in a creative speech course, if there could be such a thing.

You know… impromptu improv with Sashenka-isms.  It’s like, so, yeah, whatever, like.  Know what I mean?


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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    I’m bursting out laughing and spraying coffee over the computer! Thanks for the laugh, she sounds like something else.

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