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More Wisdom Teeth to Go

thOur teens love any kind of takeout food. Apparently, they love takeout teeth, too.

Petya had his wisdom teeth removed, then Pasha, now it’s time for Mashenka, who turns 18 in another month. Straight down the birth line.

So today’s her day. We drove most of the night in order that she could be in her bed in the other house for a few hours before rising and heading for the oral surgeon’s office. We knew the routine well-enough: plenty of hydration until midnight, then no eating nor drinking until after surgery. I put a big sign in her bedroom: No drinking water!

In preparation for post-surgery, Benedetto and I had been gathering special foods for weeks. First, she yogurtwould enjoy the smooth, cold foods: yogurt, ice cream, pudding, V-8 juice, milkshakes. Then after a couple of days, she could eat warmer pureed foods: mashed potatoes, strained cream of pea soup, if she wanted! I offered to pull out the blender and puree a sub sandwich for her, her fave, but she declined the friendly offer.

You may recall Pasha, who looooved all things sugar, complaining of headaches and sugar-overload after the first MashedPotatoescouple of days. (It’s surprising the number of yogurts and juices loaded with sugar.) By the third day, we were in another city on a mini-spring break and I was stopping in any kind of supermarket along the way to buy Pasha tomato juice and Greek yogurt just to stabilize him. Later that day, when eating in a special establishment, helpful servers asked the chef who agreed to mash him up a mound of white potatoes and sweet potatoes, no skins involved. You never saw such a happy camper.

So here we go again.

I’m in the waiting room, ready to text my husband when she’s in recovery. I remember the exact books I was waiting-room1reading the last time I was here.

Thankfully, the oral surgeon’s son played tennis with Petya, who now coaches the high-school boys’ team on which he plays. He’s a caring and highly-capable man who cuts us a break for our repeat business. I always have the kids write him a thank-you note afterwards.

Mashenka, you’ll do fine. If you were still in the Old Country, you’d really be up the creek. But here, you’re safe and sound.  I will change your bloody gauzes hour after hour.  All will be well and back to normal soon.

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