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Mouth-Watering English

descriptivewords-for-tasteA tantalizing fragrance filled the house. Something delightful for dinner was in the oven.  Our youngest, Sashenka, aged 14.5, tried to guess what it might be.

The kids’ English still lacked in 101 ways, speaking like my grandmother, straight off the boat from Russia. Often, I refused to help them, making them work for words they should have grasped long ago. Usually, it involved me working just as hard….

“Yes, what do you think we’re making?” I coached as the pot roast simmered.canstockphoto2986094

“Crack pot!” she declared.

“Crack pot?” I laughed. “No, that would be you….”

She giggled, realizing that this meant a crazy person.

“Hot pot!” she exclaimed.

Perfect_Pot_Roast038“That would be an electric tea kettle. Are you making chai?” I continued, “How did they cook over fires long ago… and we’re not talking shashlik!”

“How about the Passover egg or Passover lamb? It’s traditionally cooked how?” I stretched for something that might stir her memory.

“Easy over!” she tried, sounding more and more like a game-show contestant.

“No! It starts with an r–.”

“Roasted! Pot roast! We’re having pot roast!” she guessed triumphantly, suddenly realizing that proper English could be very tasty indeed.


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