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Movement Toward a More Moderate Islam?

Niqab-group-of-womenWorldwide, changes are coming to an Islamic community near you. From India to Canada, countries are sending a strong and clear message: Enough of radical Islam.  Or are they?  Muslims may practice their religion to the extent that it does not supersede the law of the land, nor endanger the lives or security of others.

One of the most profound rulings in recent days involves the “triple talaq”, whereby a Muslim man may divorce his Muslim wife by writing the word “talaq” three times. Legal in numerous countries, it is basically an acknowledgment of a medieval Muslim practice, yet not mentioned in the Koran. Because of this omission, justices in India’s Supreme Court ruled that nullifying the divorce procedure did not abrogate Islamic religious practice.

Nations such as India have reported women being divorced by the statement being uttered by husbands via social media or even textmuslim-woman message. The rights of women are disregarded when wives may be divorced immediately and without recourse for matters such as not bearing a son or disagreeing with her husband. India took a stand against such practices, rendering them illegal.

Recently, on the other side of the spectrum, Ontario, Canada-based politician and Orthodox Sikh leader, Jagmeet Singh, came out with pro-Islamic comments. He defended Muslim women’s need to wear the face-covering niqab or burka. Rather than side with progressive Muslim women who reject the claim that the masks are part of religious or human rights, but instead, a form of tyranny and subjugation, Singh related any anti-niqab stance as a form of Islamophobia, neglecting to mention that the masks are not required by the Koran. Thus, the leftist-leaning politician silenced the rights of the women themselves.

islamicwomenThese two examples stand in the forefront of similar struggles being waged throughout the world where Muslim populations exist. One demonstrates the courage of courts to protect innocent Muslim women from groundless divorce-on-a-whim. The other remains a clarion call of warning: Beware the liberal lawmakers siding with extremist Islamic factions, rather than resisting the very traditions which take away the freedoms of those subjected to such practices.


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