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Movies and Multi-Tasking

It was Memorial Day. Benedetto and I had gone out for coffee together, met neighbors and petted dogs at the neighborhood cafe not far from home. He debated taking the kids to a military parade, but the intermittent mistiness made us decide against it. The kids spent the day chatting, reading, texting, sketching, hanging out as only siblings can do.

Our oldest, plus my husband and I viewed a brief documentary film that we had been trying for a number of weeks to cram into our already over-crowded schedule. The topic didn’t really excite the imaginations of the others and besides, it lasted only 40 minutes. By the late afternoon, we old-timers had also accomplished a good bit of work and decided to see about another movie for the three youngest.

“Something patriotic,” Benedetto mused.

“Absolutely,” I concurred.

Petya brought me the name of the proposed selection, “What do you think about ‘15:17 to Paris’?”

“It’s available already? Definitely,” I agreed.

And so we gathered the troops to see this most amazing film, produced and directed by Clint Eastwood and using as actors the three young American men who actually fought back and stopped the ISIS attacker on the train to Paris. Possessing 300 rounds of ammunition and multiple weapons, it could have been one of the deadliest attacks.

But it wasn’t.

The movie followed the real life story of the three friends, two of whom went into different branches of the military and how they reconvened to backpack through Europe for a vacation. They had praying mothers and despite the cursing and drinking and nightclubbing, a sense of destiny and prayers from the past.

All the while, I’m trying to multi-task, my computer on my lap. So is another of our sons. But the gripping story, which I guess according to reviewers was not as gripping as imaginary intergalactic travel or cartoon heroes (which says a lot about our society in itself), caused us to hang on every word as the story developed.

I think in many ways, we’ve lost touch with real life, what it is, what it isn’t. Friendships preserved over time, acts of heroism born in the hearts of those who have courage enough to act. Nothing like a holiday weekend to renew that sense of what’s important: courage, honor, patriotism, the ability to pray to be used as an instrument of peace and hope.


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