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Mrs. Clinton’s Problems with 9/11

9-11-NeverForgetHillary Rodham Clinton seems to have a problem with 9/11. This week, with her new book release, she is making the rounds of talk shows, in a well-timed attempt to detract attention from natural disasters devastating Texas and Florida in recent days, along with the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

If you remember last year, the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks, it was a big deal. As in wedding anniversaries and other important dates, those falling in 5-year increments seem to gain more attention – 5th, 10th, 15th…. And so it was in 2016. Along with being an election year.

So, naturally, we would expect a candidate to be in New York City to honor those who were victimized by the attacks, as well as those who gave their lives in rescuing others. Mrs. Clinton was there, but overcome by the heat, she swooned and was whisked away into her waiting car.

There were claims that perhaps she was not a healthy person, strong enough for the rigors of America’s top office. There were claims that she was trying to power through a prior diagnosis of pneumonia. Nobody quite knew the real story, but thankfully, she recovered after some days of rest and hopefully, medical intervention.

As Fall 2016 progressed and elections hit a fever pitch, Mrs. Clinton suffered not a fainting episode, but this time, amnesia. On Tuesday,9-11BakerCompany November 1st, she claimed in Sanford, Florida, “I was in New York City on 9/11 as one of two senators. I will defeat ISIS” (The Washington Times).

Really? Really??

Most of us remember the exact time and place we first heard of the attacks. Hillary Clinton was in Washington, DC, same as my husband and me. Benedetto was packing to head to the airport and fly abroad, I was preparing for some speaking engagements in the US. A friend called and told us to turn on the TV. We watched with horror, we prayed and we started making phone calls to cover responsibilities and appearances that we would not be able to fulfill with the transportation shut-down.

911All bridges into and out of Washington, DC, were closed. Airports were closed. Rental car companies had their stock depleted in no time as travelers tried to go with Plan B.

But never once did we imagine ourselves to be somewhere we were not. Mrs. Clinton has claimed that she was in New York City. Then she tried to be there last year and could not handle the heat of the ceremony.

Then this year, she timed her September 12th book release, “What Happened” during the same week, in a possible attempt to overshadow a very important date in our nation’s psyche and history. Come to think of it, her last book, “Stronger Together” was released September 7th. Any book publishers knows that fall is a prime time to release books, but why the obsession with early September— why not early October? Why does she keep inserting herself into a huge time of national grief?

Personally, I would rather hear Donald Trump’s slip of the tongue about 7/11 than her twisted tongue claiming to have been in New York pentagon_crash07City when she wasn’t. “What Happened” indeed. That’s not what happened at all. But it doesn’t seem to faze her.

The book sales are not doing well. As a matter of fact, she has not had good book sales since 2003 according to some reports.

Americans have a way of not forgetting major attacks on our nation and on our collective intelligence and memory.

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