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Mrs. Trump Comes to Washington

TrumpsJust is case you’ve been vacationing in Lower Slobovia and haven’t heard the news: FLOTUS and son have joined POTUS to reside at The White House in Washington, DC. Yes, the First Lady is coming home to roost.

I am acquainted with many in the city, but I don’t know Mrs. Trump, yet. So allow me to be the first to extend my welcome to our nation’s capital.

Personally, in my opinion, she’s getting a bum rap. In this company city, all must be sacrificed on the altar of self-promotion and looking out for Number One. Melania, instead, is self-sacrificing on behalf of her son so that he may finish his school year uninterrupted.

I love it. How retro, how real, how refreshing.

And how two-faced for other professional couples to feign incomprehension. Scores of us have resided in different cities from our Mrs Trumpmates, whether part-time or full-time, with visiting rights, of course, all in the name of Career. Yet, when a member of the tribe does it for Family, watch out.

What a Highly Unusual Living Situation.


What ever happened to “Women and children first” in any twist of life approximating the sinking of a ship… or the sailing of a career? Why can’t the man or the woman choose to tend to the family, while the other takes care of business?

To me, it’s almost laughable, all of this befuddled backlash: Mrs. Trump clearly has her priorities in place, her pearls and designer purses are real and she’s posh. Three strikes and you’re in, in my book.

Welcome to Washington!


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