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Much Meaning in an Infinity Scarf

sparkly-soulIt all started around the time of Mashenka’s birthday in May. Petya wanted to go and find a gift for her….

A call comes after he’s out and about. The conversation went something like this:

“I think I have an idea. How about hair bands—the nice kind?”

“Headbands? The fancy kind?” I ask. “Sure, she’d like that. She can’t wear the rubberband kind, they slip off of her head, but the semi-circle hard ones are fine, you know, kind of like a kokoshnik.”

Another call comes when he arrives at the appointed store.th

“Where would the headbands be located here?” he asks. After all, he’s a man by now, and men don’t like to shop so much.

“Walk inside, turn left and the accessories should be in that direction,” I instruct. “Also small purses… actually, she doesn’t need any bags. There are bedroom accessories like frames and jewelry hangers in the back of the store, straight ahead, in case you need to look at those.”

easy-crochet-infinity-scarf-pattern“Thanks for the tips!”

Two minutes pass. Another call comes.

“How about one of those scarves that goes in a huge circle?” Petya wonders.

“An infinity scarf? That’s cool. You can do a lot of things with those….”

And thus, she ends up with a very nice scarf, light enough to wear through spring. Which brings us to our wedding anniversary which was the other day in the fall. A boutique of sorts asked me to model a couple of their hand-knit scarves.

One looks like a caterpillar of twisted yarn and the other almost appears to be a fishing net 01_a_1-1_infinity_scarf_(pumpkin)style. Petya is with me and tries it on— he looks amazing, very Euro-chic in the big, grey loops doubled around his neck and over his sports jacket.

“It’s arm-knitted,” they tell me, noting my fascination.

“Of course it is, I could tell that,” I respond a little too quickly and they laugh.

“Google it— it’s a fascinating process.”

I do and I’m mesmerized by the knitting done without needles.

Behind my back, my son buys the scarf for my wedding anniversary. I love it. We chuckle together as co-conspirators, instantly agreeing that we’ll share it, just like we share our car.

An infinity scarf—one that stays encircled and connected forever, to infinity and beyond-! I like that.


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