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Museum of the Bible Coming Soon

web-1375668Washington, DC, is set to get another museum in the next couple of years: the Museum of the Bible. Scheduled to be built two blocks from the National Mall, and three blocks from the Capitol, the 430,000-square-foot museum will house 500 world-class artifacts, from ancient manuscripts and papyri, to cuneiform tablets dating from Abraham’s time.

Interactive presentations, reconstructions, multi-media exhibits, and artifacts woven throughout explain the story of the Bible’s “preservation, translation, and transmission across centuries and cultures”. Three floors are planned with three permanent exhibits, allowing space for temporary installations, as well.

This non-profit venture, spearheaded by the Green family who only began their collection in 2009, also encouragesmuseum3 scholarship among archaeologists, epigraphers, historians, theologians, art historians, anthropologists, and others concerned with Biblical artifacts. The Green Scholars Initiative already involves over 60 universities worldwide and scores of textual scholars.

In a city filled with museums from Crime and Punishment, to Textiles, Building, Postal, Art, Natural History, Holocaust, Native American, Air & Space… the Museum of the Bible is an idea whose time has come. This one book’s influence and message has impacted people and cultures around the world across the centuries. It should be fascinating to see what more we can learn when the Museum of the Bible opens in Fall 2017.



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