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Must-See Movie

1511161_801605806522699_1260963721_nAround the spring holidays, there are numerous religious films featured on television and in movie theatres each year.  Whether it’s “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben Hur”, or “The Robe”, some closely approximate Old or New Testament events, whereas others contain liberal doses of extra-Biblical Hollywood drama.  Currently, there’s “Noah” and “Son of God” in cinemas alongside our pick.

This one is a new movie, just being released in select theatres across the U.S.  If you’re at all offended by the Christian faith, this film would not be for you….  Then again, it might be for you, or for anyone who wonders, “Isn’t ththere more?”

“God’s Not Dead” features a college student who has to take a philosophy course as part of his undergrad, pre-law prerequisites.  Warned against taking a certain professor’s class, that time works best with his schedule, so he plunges ahead.  The Christian freshman runs gods-not-dead640right into the anti-God, atheistic challenges of a professor hell-bent on enlightening his students about the superstitious beliefs of the past and how they would never stand up against any type of rational thought.

This story line alone might be interesting to some, but it’s the interwoven issues and layers of the film that take one’s breath away.  Each one struggles in his/her own way to deal with real life circumstances and choices—the foreign student from China experiencing a whole different world, the young college couple who have their entire life planned out,god-s-not-dead-image04 the rapidly-rising businessman who lives to make the next deal, his career-driven girlfriend who’s cynical until she faces a life-altering diagnosis, an elderly mother in the grips of dementia, a Muslim young lady who works in the campus cafeteria, and a student who dates her professor for all the wrong reasons. 

GodsNotDead8Faith is woven through the script, and if that’s too much to bear, so be it.  Now I understand why one of the film review sites is named Rotten Tomatoes.  Rated PG, the life lessons would be appropriate for most ages, but might be a bit on the deep philosophical side for the under-10 crowd.

We took the whole family to a viewing over the weekend, andGods-NOt-Dead never have I seen theatres so packed.  Speaking with those attending different showings at different cinemas, all reported the same.

Packed out.  One of the best films they had ever seen.  Moving.  Motivational and inspirational.  Raw reality.  Some pretty surprising twists along the way.  No foul language or bedroom scenes.  Plenty of emotion and some humor here and there.

Based on a true story, “God’s Not Dead” mirrors the experiences of numerous college students on campuses who are belittled, violated, and suppressed in terms of their faith.  And the choices they have to make.  The poignancy, humor, and honesty of the film will be lost on secular film critics.

But the audiences are raving.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    Thanks for a real person’s review of God’s Not Dead. I never know about film reviews and what criteria they are using to judge a movie’s rating. Coming from another mom with similar values gives us the straight story!

    • avatar admin says:

      You’re welcome, rusmom. I am not a paid reviewer. (Hmm… now there’s a thought…) I’m simply sharing my opinion, and everyone’s mileage may vary. 🙂

  2. avatar abby says:

    What do you think about Hollywood making Biblical movies?

    • avatar admin says:

      Unlike most of America, I don’t get my Bible doses only from TV or films, lol. Personally, if a movie doesn’t follow the Biblical narrative, I understand that they’re trying to dramatize and add some texture to the basic storyline. And I say Bravo to Hollywood for even trying. (“God’s Not Dead” of course was produced by a Chrisian company called Pure Flix & they do outstanding work, imo.)

      What’s unfortunate is that then some viewers actually think this or that is really in the Bible. No biggie. It might cause some to actually want to read the Bible for themselves. That would bring even more good out of it. 🙂

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