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My Birthday and Mrs. Obama

happy_birthday_cake_with_balloons_and_candlesIt’s strange how these things work. When you look at another person’s life, it’s so easy (at least for me, which may say a lot, lol) to tell them exactly what they need to know. The advice flows so effortlessly.

All that to say, I found it curious when Mrs. Obama celebrated her last birthday. Alone. The whole family spent their vacation in Hawaii… and then she stayed… alone… for her birthday.

Why not? Most wives and mothers wear a variety of hats. We are pushed 900x900px-LL-d2ed4b4d_gallery6978051280438300and pulled and shoved this way and that. The tyranny of the urgent. An emergency every other minute. Mood swings and mania. Meals and monitoring. Ridiculous reactions and realities that we must deal with NOW.

And occasionally, just occasionally, during that rare blue moon, we would like for someone to ask us what we would like.

Today is my birthday. I’m not finding it so odd to want to be alone.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    Hey Alexandra Happy Birthday!!! Have you ever seen news reports about mothers on strike sitting up in a tree? Sometimes…. Have a wonderful day no matter what!

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks for the chuckle, Rusmom. Yes, I’ve heard about those ladies and I’m about ready to join them! But then I’d be one of those adults-acting-like-children. As they say, joy comes in the morning. Maybe Starbucks, too. 🙂

  2. avatar abby says:

    Congrats and happy b-day! Take some time to do something fun for YOU (if possible). You are amazing!

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