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My Birthday Wishes

Today it’s my birthday.  Who cares if it’s dreary and rainy outside, I can dream.  Here are my wishes, so let it be written, so let it be done:

1.  Eradicate child labor worldwide (other than taking out the trash, brushing the teeth, and doing one’s homework).

2.  Let the sun come out.

3.  Have a gondola waiting for me with flowers on a back canal in Venezia, while avoiding the crowds on the Grand Canal.

4.  Plan for a fat-free, calorie-free birthday cake of the chocolate persuasion.

5.  A similar scoop of ice cream.

6.  Make everyone around me “normal” for the whole day—no meltdowns, flip-outs, or shutdowns.

7.  Let me have two minutes to myself in the bathroom (never mind those early morning shouts of “Happy Birthday, Mama!” through the bathroom door, those are excepted by royal decree).

8.  Maybe enjoy a walk along the beach, while wearing SPF 500 sunscreen, and wearing my favorite burqa.

9.  Note to self:  Buy cute playclothes.

10.  Lose 50 pounds.  (Okay, this is going nowhere fast, get back on track….  Dreaming is not obsessing….)

11.  Thank the Lord that we are all healthy and happy.

12.  Go for a romp with Scotties Misha and Grisha.  Have the arms snapped back in place afterward.

13.  Let the kids and husband know that I love them.

14.  Enjoy a quiet lunch without the kids (and without anyone else’s kids).

15.  Take a ride in my new sportscar.

16.  While wearing my new jewels.

17.  Take a nap and try not to wake up to the immediate realization that it’s all a dream….

18.  Love my life, and myself, and everyone around me, just the way they are!



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  1. avatar Linda says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. avatar Shelley says:

    Have a great day/ week/ month/ year! Love the sentiments, love the cakes!

  3. avatar admin says:

    Thanks, ladies, all is going well here. Woo-hoo!

  4. avatar hoonew says:

    Yes, those cakes seem really “you”! Have a happy day. You are fabulous!

  5. Hope your birthday was wonderful!!

  6. avatar AP says:

    Happy birthday girl!!! I hope you had a great day!!

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, AP, this was the first year of my life I didn’t have a cake. Hmmm… are they telling me something? lol. Did have a tiny piece of fruit tart Benedetto brought in.

  7. avatar Sybil says:

    May you live your own wishes over many times in this birthday year and may you be blessed with good health as you enjoy your year. Happy Birthday dear friend.

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