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My Faithful, Sweet Scotties

I have had a Bad Day. I never have bad days, but this was Bad. It started late yesterday, spanned today, and I hope it won’t continue into tomorrow.

The power of prayer seems very far away in the midst of the fray. I feel anger, frustration, disappointment and many other emotions, but what can you do?

Shooting someone springs to mind.

Naturally these are situations that are beyond my control, and to compound the crisis, my family has had to leave me for another destination. Not our first choice, but I needed to stay to deal with things here. Even the dogs, my most faithful friends, flew the coop.

They would know how to comfort me, big black Misha and little black brindled Grisha. They would lick away my tears, while I drown my sorrows in a latte. My sweet Scotties, our doggies of Perpetually Wagging Tails.

I love them, whether it’s Misha sprawled out on the floor doing his trademark foghorn groan of contentment, or goofy Grisha play-hiding under the guest bed when it comes time for a bath, his nose barely peeking out from beneath the dust ruffle.

They have been known to display utter joy at the thought of a romp in the backyard, a ride in the car, or a savory blend of chicken and rice in their bowl. It doesn’t take much. The boys do their happy dance on two back paws. All is well and life is good.

I needed them today, but other than a quick kiss on their fluffy fur in the morning, they are gone. Unaware of my state of affairs, a friend sent me the next best thing in a special doggy link to warm the heart, and soothe the soul:


I hope it brightens your day and has you looking up!


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