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My Green Power Drink

Spinach2I’ve heard a lot about green energy drinks, you know, those fruit or veggie potions that do wonders for your body or energy. So I decided to make one of my own, using it as either a meal or snack substitute.

Out came the blender, along with some handfuls of spinach and then some fruit. I generally don’t eat much fruit, preferring vegetables instead. Which only goes to prove that even I can change things up. Altogether, it made about six cups. Because of the smoothie’s density, it was enough to enjoy one cup at a time.p

Not a very sweet drink, it’s just nice with a touch of ginger zing to get me going. Here’s the recipe and the calorie count:

2 cups raw spinach (20 cal.)
2 cups green tea
1 banana (105)
1 orange (62)
1-1/2 cups pineapple (250)
1 oz. ginger (25)
2 Tbsp. protein powder (85)

pMaybe I’m fooling myself, but at 547 calories for six blended cups of yum, it seems like a much better way to go than a sugar-laden power drink or shake. I might substitute the pineapple for something else, but for now, this feels healthy and energizing to me.

Do you have a favorite healthy smoothie?

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