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My Husband and Directions

street_mapBenedetto is directions-challenged.  Our oldest son’s tennis playoffs were happening in a distant city and we wanted to make the trek.  Naturally, I had scoped out the tennis center in that part of the world, but my husband insisted he had his own directions.  I was happy for him to take the initiative.

Not so fast.

We were on the highway, passing through a few cities, when he became confused.  I tried to help him.

Wrong move.

“I was fine until you decided to help me,” he said, knowing I had been in the general environs within the past month or two.

Great, now it was my fault that he didn’t have a clue.

“Okay,” I negotiated, “which way do you want to go?” indicating several possible cities along the way.apple-maps-sign-icon

“I don’t know.”

“Well, what do the directions say?” I asked.

“If I knew what the directions said, I wouldn’t be talking to you.”

Um-hmm.  There you have it.

So he pulled off the road into a gas’n’go joint where I was sure we would be a) shot; or b) carjacked.  It was not the right part of town, let’s just say.  There he used his phone’s GPS to get yet another set of directions. 

I did not encourage him to ask any of the locals, as I normally would.

apple-ios-6-preview-mapsThankfully, we had left the other three kids and two dogs with a friend for the afternoon and evening.  Over the weekend, Mashenka had declared that we were ruining her almost-15-year-old life by taking her to her brother’s tennis tournament. So we decided to leave her and the others home.  Which sent her into yet another tailspin, meltdown, and general downward spiral.

Someway, somehow, we made it to the away game.  Three of the matches were rained out, as we sat there in the drizzle which was becoming stronger and stronger.  But our team won, with four matches of the seven matches already finished. 

Our son is personally undefeated, which made it all worth it. And getting home was much easier than going there.  Isn’t that usually how it is?


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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    The stress of traveling and being lost, and often late, have caused many arguments between me and DH. May I suggest a “real” GPS for your car dash (on a little weighted stand), rather than the app on your phone? SOOO much easier to use, and inexpensive.

    • avatar admin says:

      That would make sense, hoonew. Unfortunately, rationality has little to do with it, I’m seeing…lol…. Our problem is that in the city, anything “valuable” in the car (even a child’s backpack) means your car windows will be smashed. Then you’d have to dismantle it each time you left the car. DH decided he didn’t like the GPS idea when the “directions lady” kept telling him to go another way, and of course, he knew a better shortcut. He said he already has someone telling him what to do at every turn, why does he need another? 🙂

      He says he’s writing a rebuttal to this piece. (Who told him about this?) Stay tuned for his version….

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    All I can say is thank the Lord for GPS. It has probably been the savior in our marriage 😉 I wish it had existed 10 years ago when we went to Hawaii, Honolulu is the most confusing city – every street one way and named one letter different “turn left on Ham’hana” turns left on Ham’lana which is one way of course. Nightmare, never have we screamed at each other so much over a map.
    I do question the thing as it has often yelled at me to turn left when left is not nor has ever been an option and has led me to some crazy dead end gravel roads in the middle of nowhere.

    • avatar admin says:

      Too funny, Winnie, though I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time! Vacations in general can do that to couples, lol.

      DH tried GPS another time when everyone wanted some particular kind of restaurant, and it kept leading us to a suburban housing development. There were no restaurants at all there, but it kept blinking on the map like we were “there”. All we could figure was that someone had takeout from “there” and we were supposed to knock on their front door-!

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