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My Needy Scottie, Misha

Scottish TerrierSometimes my big baby Scottish Terrier, Misha, needs his mommy. The other day, I was turning in to bed and I heard a jingling outside my upstairs door.


Now, mind you, Misha and Grisha are not allowed upstairs near the bedrooms in our one house. However, at the dacha, they can come and go from my bedroom and sometimes sleep on the bed. But at our in-city home, the stairs and even the bed height are too much.

Not this night.

Misha, our little Houdini, jumped the gate at the bottom of the stairs and made his way up. Everyone heard him scottieoutside my door. I opened it and he bounded in, throwing himself at me and rubbing against my leg as though he were a cat.

The little guy needed love.

I pulled him up onto the bed where he snuggled like a sausage stuck to my side. There he stayed all night, spooned next to me, in utter doggie bliss. No matter if it were allowed or not, Misha needed me and wasn’t afraid to let it be known.

I love him.


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