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My New Personal Assistant

jobs-personal-assistantIn general, my oldest son acts as my personal assistant. He helps me in so many ways. And now, he’s taking a leave of absence from his job… and from me. Not that it was intended that way… but still….

Petya travels to the Adirondacks to be a volunteer boys’ camp counselor. He came highly recommended, they needed someone with a bit of Russian and Hebrew, who was athletic and worked well with children. Bingo. Never mind that he will be rock-climbing and canoeing and camping and giving motivational talks….

I live through taking him to the train station at 4:00 am. Not my favorite activity. At least Benedetto was Apple-Siri-personal-assistantthere.

And now I am high and dry without my personal assistant.

He brings me coffee. He finds my jewelry. He carries my suitcase. He deletes hundreds of non-essential photos from my phone after he knows I’ve downloaded them.

Petya possesses an intuitive knowledge about what needs to be done, when and how. It’s invaluable. It’s not just me caring for him as a mother, but it’s him giving back by helping out, without having to be asked, poked and prodded.

And now his brother will take over in his absence.

Stressed-out-womanThe girls could do it, yet seem to have no interest nor desire to wait on their mother. Pasha, however, who is always late and somewhat slow, is happily taking to the challenge. Go figure. He knows that it is a volunteer position, or as he might say, forced labor, lol. He loves it. He’s out to prove that he can match Pasha, or even better, best him-!

I now have a busy bee on my hands. I pass him brownies in appreciation.

We discuss his code of conduct. He must speak clearly and act gentlemanly. He needs to check in on me regularly and not harass his sisters. He cannot disappear for hours on end.

And he’s rising to the challenge. We treat it as a game and he appears to be excelling. This could give him some confidence and me, some assistance. You never know where it might lead.

Should be an interesting month for me and my new assistant.


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