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My Newfound Positivity in Parenting

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It’s across the board, I’m a semi-negative person. Maybe it’s too many years of editing everything from fashion ensembles to articles and proofing manuscripts to manners helps me pick up on problems first and foremost. I can see the tragedy and humor in just about everything. But not everyone comes from a melodramatic Russian-Jewish background so they don’t get it. Particularly my family.

So I am willing to change.

For the past two weeks, I have been nothing but the epitome of Suzy Sunshine. If the kids upset me, I ppretend as though there’s been a misunderstanding on their part and that I’m always there to help….

“You forgot that you need to write down your extracurriculars? Okay, well, just let me know if you need any of the forms we made earlier…. I want you to get credit for all of your work….”

“You lost the last 10 pairs of socks I gave you? Surely they must be here somewhere. Would you like for me to work with you and search for them? Mama has time for you….”

pAnd then I praise them non-stop. It definitely seems like overkill on my part, but everyone likes a pat on the back. I compare it to rays of sunshine causing a flower to open. Positivity works.

“You guys shoveled the snow in front of all the neighbors’ houses? Do you know how proud we are of you? Do you know how much that must have helped some of the older residents? Good job! Would you like some hot cocoa or chai? Let’s celebrate!”

Actually, I’m kind of warming up to this. What started out to be a game, a personal challenge to positivize p(is that a word, lol?) myself, has turned out to be a… positive experience!

Naturally, it’s thrown some of the family off-kilter a bit, since I refuse to take the bait of their negativity and run with it. Which only goes to show that one can change at any stage in life.

Are you trying to change anything for the better?

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