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My Scotties Double as Escargots

thYou know my non-stop love affair with my Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha.  They are small-to-medium sized, yet their big, barrel chests, sturdy, strong legs, and large, cuddly heads make them seem like they belong in the medium-sized dog category.  As has been commented more than once before, they are big dogs in little dog bodies.

No matter what the Scotties’ physical size, their larger-than-life personalities endear one and all.  Well, except for any mailmen, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on the door.  The little guys are simply mintyco1love-machines in motion.

Consequently, Petya and I missed them so much on our schedule where, for half of the week, we are away from the family during his intensive tennis season.  Sure, the dogs can Skype, but it wasn’t the same.  Benedetto reported scottishterrier_fuerhleinthem sitting outside my bedroom door, moping and pining away for Mama.

“This week, can the boys stay with us?” I asked, and the rest of the family agreed.

So what did they do, but sit by the front door and pine away for the rest of the family?  I felt like chopped liver.  But, at least they know the hand that feeds them….

At night, Misha likes to curl up by my legs, and Grisha thprefers Benedetto.  Yet, by their third night alone with us, Grisha was warming up to the idea of being with me.  He finally took the plunge and argued with Misha over who would be awarded the special position of nestled in my legs. 

Well, they both won, climbing aboard and going round and round till they nestled like two escargots, side-by-side.  With both of them immobilizing me for most of the night, I must admit that I could barely move by morning, but when it comes to escargots, c’est la vie.


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