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My Scottish Terrier Woodchuck Wannabes

IMG_2513Our dogs spied Benedetto pulling down some ivy vines and other underbrush seeking to take over the back walls of our home.  Ever the able-bodied helpers and ready for fun of any kind, Scotties Misha and Grisha bounded into the underbrush, their grandma-what-big-teeth-you-have jaws working overtime.

I understand that woodchucks, who are the same as groundhogs, destroy trees in a similar manner to beavers. The groundhogs don’t actually eat the wood, but just chew on it.  Their constantIMG_2515 gnawing wreaks havoc on gardens, parks, and woods wherever they are found.  Well, it appears that our Scotties believe themselves to be of the woodchuck or beaver persuasion.

They set their sights (and incisors) on two bushes, whose woody trunks measured about one inch in diameter.  Within no time, they have wrestled the trunks, easily six to seven feet tall, to the ground.

IMG_2505Misha, who just discovered frisbees at a dog park last week, wished to take that big trunk, rip it off its hinges, and carry it around like a huge trophy through the backyard.  He loved to conquer anything bigger than his stout, 25-pound frame.IMG_2506

Every time we let the two of them outside to run in the fenced-in yard, Misha and Grisha were at work on their special project.  I had to remember to keep in mind that their talents could come in helpful if we ever wanted to visit a chop-your-own-Christmas-tree farm.  I wondered what passed through their minds as they took such delight in their exploits, saliva dripping down their beards, leaves stuck in their fur from the underbrush.

IMG_2507After much-needed baths, as they lay down to sleep in their little beds at night, I heard them dreaming, muttering something along the lines of “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”  Then they smiled, stretched, and turned over to plan new adventures for the next day.


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