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My Son’s Interview

I’m a nervous wreck.  It’s Monday night and I should be sleeping.  In the wee hours of the night/ morning, I’m obsessing about my son who has an interview Tuesday morning.

That’s right.  An interview.  My 14 year-old man-baby.

I pray that they are gentle with him.  He is so sweet and kind.  I hope that this is not a routine call-back, but a bonafide interest on their part.  The price couldn’t be better.  He’s offering to volunteer.

I will drive him and sit in the car.  I will slink down and try to be inconspicuous to the best of my ability.

This is a major art museum and I’m so proud.  Russian art objects abound.  When visiting my dad recently, they had a print from the museum, one of my favorite paintings, in a spare bedroom.  My son and I gasped.  It had not been there before.  They knew nothing of his intentions prior to this.

A sign, perhaps?

In usual drill-sergeant style, I decided to prepare him.

“Good morning, Petya, I’m _______, the Director of Volunteers,” I play-acted.

“Good morning, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he responded as we shook hands.

“What brings you to our museum?” I inquire.

“I am interested in my native heritage and I need some community service for my college scholarship application,” he cheerfully confided.

“Nyet, nyet, and nyet,” I shake my head.  “Loose lips sink ships.  You don’t need to tell them everything,” I say, prepping him for a life of deceit and deception.

And so it goes.  We review possible questions she may ask him, and possible questions he may ask in return.  The two of us consider some of the pieces which they have in their collection and how he might intelligently discuss them.  He speaks slowly and deliberately, which I have taught him in order to not garble his English.

He now sounds retarded, thanks to me.  He asks if I might accompany him.

“You don’t need me, Big Guy,” I reassure, unsure myself.

In the morning, I hear him plotting with his father how he will become Volunteer of the Month, not that the museum has any such designation.  Then he imagines them hiring him, as he takes over a department or two.  He cannot stop smiling from ear to ear.

Eleven o’clock this morning cannot come soon enough….




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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Break a leg, Petya! They can’t possibly say no to a gem like you.

  2. avatar Sybil says:

    I hope he felt it went well. You just never know what is the agenda of the employer even if someone is volunteering. I fully understand you saying you are a nervous wreck. Many years later, I still feel butterflies just thinking about the final tests my older children had to pass to get licensed for their careers. Our best to Petya.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Sybil and Hoonew. He emerged after 25 minutes, he had answered all of her questions, she had answered his, he’s still smiling ear to ear. Many of the volunteers are, of course, retirees, so he wrote her a follow-up, thank you e-mail and thanked her for considering a teen with youthful enthusiasm, lol. When I asked him, “SO???” he said she had several candidates still to interview and she would get back to him at the end of the week. I couldn’t believe that they had selection processes for VOLUNTEERS?! I told him that maybe she was trying to say no in a graceful way. He replied, “No, Mama, I think they want a young volunteer like me. Plus, I was the best-dressed in the place.” lol. The boy can’t be kept down….

      His father asked if he was nervous, and he said, “No, Mama stayed in the car.” What?! I’m not sure if he meant that I was praying for him non-stop, or not bothering him from afar…. Quite a day. I’ll post when we have news! 🙂

  3. avatar Kathleen says:

    What a great experience! We’ll be waiting for the news that he got the position.

  4. avatar Phyllis says:

    Oh, I hope he will hear positive news! I think so many places are knocked off their feet to see a young man who takes things seriously and has a good work ethic that they will do whatever they can to keep him. I will be checking in to see if he gets it.

    And I loved the comment about you sitting in the car. How funny! I would have been rolling that over and over in my hear wondering which way he meant that, too, if he were my son. : o)

    • avatar admin says:

      I know, Phyllis, and he was so earnest when he said it. Somebody else, you would think they were trying to be funny or smart. He knows that even the experience of having his first interview ever is a big deal, but he’s definitely going for the gold….

      • avatar admin says:

        The latest news: He sent a thank you for the interview. She now sent a thank you for his thank you, and said he’d be hearing from her NEXT WEEK! Don’t tell me this will be hanging over my head all weekend!!! Don’t these people know that moms have to breathe, too? He’s happy as a clam, meanwhile….

        I asked what he meant about me sitting in the car. It made absolute sense in the barrage of questions he faced when he walked in the door to our house: “Papa asked me if I was nervous, and I said, ‘No’, and then at the same time Sashenka had asked if you went in with me, so it came out as, “No… Mama stayed in the car.” Anyone else, I wouldn’t believe….

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