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My Son, the Model

blond-model-with-gelled-hairI refer to my second son, long and lean, attractive and not-so-bright. Possibly perfect model material. Friends have mentioned in passing that he would have what it takes.

Question is: what does it take? It’s either this, or back to the hot dog stand idea….

Good looks are not enough. Fitting into a 40R might not be the main goal, either.

Random thoughts hit me: this could call for professional intervention in taming his wannabe unibrow which he occasionally remembers to pluck. Plus, would his hair look better pomaded into a modified pompadour, or slicked into a side-Valentino?

Does he need a comp card right away, with the close-up head shot tumblr_lvufi4yxSc1qejk3zo1_500on one side, then four different poses and outfits on the reverse? I could see it now: casual, formal, preppy, Euro-chic. Must list his height, weight, shoe size; waist, inseam, chest measurements; age, hair color, eye color.

We could do this. Maybe.

What happens if he gets a real go-see appointment? Do I hold his hand and take him there? Won’t they think it odd if I answer questions for him? That’s all I need, to become a stage mother of sorts….

How are his facial expressions? Could he change looks easily enough? Would he understand a photographer’s directions? How well might he walk a runway and operate under extreme pressure? Not the easiest when you’re not dealing with a full deck, you might say.  Such is the nature of FAS.

On the other hand, how many models might try to work in an altered state? Surely he could compete against that.

Couldn’t hurt to take a few photos….


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