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My Son’s Job Offer… for Me

office_work1Our oldest son, Petya, has worked at the same office for almost five years, beginning when he was 15 years old and volunteering. They offered him paid employment about a year into his part-time stint and then steady raises. He began as the King of Shredding and Photocopying, progressed into organizing their library, sending donor-acknowledgment letters, doing computer coding and conference planning/reservations. It’s been an excellent intro to steady employment, co-worker and vendor personalities, along with managing and meeting non-negotiable deadlines.

And now he came home breathless: his office has a job opening for me!

Not that I’m looking. My cup overfloweth in more ways than one. Yet, to say that this senior position would job offersuit me is an understatement.

My son knows me. He understands my motivational pep talks and he knows of my abilities–together, they should put me over the top. He realizes that this position would be tailor-made to someone with my particular skill set. However, I have no actual work experience along these lines, although I’ve been doing it most of my life….

open-door1I try to explain a resume and how it outlines one’s employment, tasks undertaken and outcomes gained over the years. Mine would show very little of such experience. For his office to even talk with me would be a gamble.  Still, one of his bosses took Petya to lunch and suggested that I apply.

What could it hurt?

Gee, maybe my mental health. I don’t know if it would reflect poorly on him. I wonder if I’m actually overqualified or under qualified for such a position and how crafting a current resume or cover letter might reflect either.

“Mama, it’s an open door! Just go for it,” he shrugs in a happy-go-lucky way goalsthat only faith and youthfulness can inspire. “Why would you not even try?”

I have taken him on so many adventures here and abroad, I have coached him on his own career path and educational choices, I have told him that nothing is too hard if he sets goals and goes for it… it’s all coming full-circle now.

My son wants to help me land a fab position.

And I’m nervous.


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