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My Travel Scale

largeIf you travel a bunch on commercial aircraft, you need a luggage scale. Really. Trust me on this one. Nowadays, airlines charge for most bags, and the point is, their luggage scales are not always calibrated correctly. If you can weigh the bag ahead of time, and know within a couple of pounds, or a kilo, that you’re on target, you’ve beaten the system. No payment due.

Not that I have to pay. I’ve gone from Silver, to Gold, to Platinum or Plutonium, or whatever they call it on most airline Frequent Flier agreements. For being in the Privileged Classes, you escape the ever-present baggage fees. Which also means that you have to battle most everyone else lugging their watermelon-cart-sized carry-ons on board the plane, rolling over your foot while making their way to their seat. Everything is carry-on, because they are trying to avoid the luggage fees.

But technically, the Personal Article and the Standard Article both have maximum sizes and weight restrictions, as luggage-scalewell. The Personal Article, such as a purse, can only weigh 10 kg. or 22 lbs., and its size should be no more than 6 x 13 x 17 inches. That sounds more like a big necklace, if you ask me. Then the Standard Article has the same weight of 22 lbs., but can go up to 21 inches in length, which means that if I carry a laptop, still camera, video camera, and makeup, an extra stick of gum would push me over the weight limit.

My rule of thumb is to never travel anywhere it might rain, because there’s simply no room nor weight allowance for an umbrella. At least it’s comforting to know that sunny skies await.

197301-travel-scale-and-alarm-l-l-beanBut back to the scale. What you want to get is one of those scales that have a handle and a hook. You lift the handle and place the hook on your baggage handle. Then lift in order to weigh it.

Easier said than done. Maybe I’m too short, or perhaps I lack the proper wrist strength to lift a bag from thigh to waist height.

Like everyone else, I remember how we weighed bags back in the day. You climbed on the scale, saw your weight, then picked up the packed suitcase and did the calculations.

But this little luggage scale is much more accurate. And, it could give you a handy-dandy side business when you arrive to your intended destination. You might weigh newborn babies, or check out the faulty scales in fruit and vegetable markets worldwide.

“Half a kilo of bananas? I don’t think so….” and out you whip your travel scale.

This travel scale is going to revolutionize your life. You’ll know what items to transfer from the overweight checked bag to the carry-on, or vice-versa. You can weigh your produce, or newborn lambs in the countryside.

What are you waiting for? You need this gadget.


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  1. avatar jason says:

    That’s right, it is an essential gadget in the airline trip.

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