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Nagging: My Not So Favorite Pasttime

What was once such a fun, leisure-time activity with my husband has changed dramatically since children from Russia arrived.  No, I’m not referring to any private, couple-time, although a case might be made for that, as well, instead, I’m referring to… nagging.

“Honey, could you do this?  Honey, could you do that?”  I remember asking.

Now he’s short on time and energy and doesn’t want to see my honey-do lists.  I think he avoids me some days.

So I turn my sights to the children.

“Pasha, did you brush your teeth and put in your retainer?”  I zero in on him after breakfast.

“Brush my teeth?” he echoes.

I can spy him feeling his teeth with his tongue, trying to determine if he’s done his after-meal chore.

“Yes,” I reinforce, “brushing… flossing… fluoriding…”  I make up verb forms at whim.

“Um, I’ve brushed….”


“Oh, man….”

Um-hmm, just as I thought.

“Girls, are we sitting up straight?” I ask as Sashenka is practically lounging in sleepy-land on top of her school books, as though the subject material will enter her brain by osmosis.

“Us?” they ask, perplexed, after only having been asked 20 times today to sit up.

“Did I ever tell you about my girlfriend, a very good gymnast, who developed scoliosis of the spine and had to wear a horrible brace from her bottom to her neck for several years starting at the age of 12-?” I continue, offering to make a doctor’s appointment for them if it’s truly becoming impossible to sit straight.

“YES, MA-MA….”

Well, that solved that.  For five minutes, at least.

I turn my sights to our dogs.

“Grisha, get off of Misha!  What’s wrong with you?  I thought we had you “fixed”!  Act like a gentleman!”  The little one slinks away, embarrassed.

I still end up slipping Benedetto a list or two.  I like to think of it as a public service.  He’s going to forget this or that, so I might as well remind him and avert disaster.  Instead, he multiplies disaster by losing my lists.  I think it’s intentional.

He thinks it’s survival.

Do you nag?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    I’ve come to believe if I do not nag that everyone in my household would forget to put on underwear (much less CLEAN underwear) , the little guy would live totally on poached eggs and potato chips and the whole notion of children having a set bedtime would be forgotten. Note: It’s right now the youngest bedtime and Hubby has them out ice fishing and likely has only fed them granola bars and juice boxes since lunch.

    Women run the family. I wonder what happens in households with only a father? More curious about gay men couples (but I guess they are a different species anyway)

  2. avatar Sybil says:

    You call it nagging and I call it “reminders”, constant “reminders”. lol Yes, of course, when it comes to the kids, it was teeth and posture consistently. Who can stand a slouchy placquey child? But, I will tell you in our case it has paid off. I have heard more than once from my youngest, “look at that girls posture Mom – she needs to stand up straight and she would look a lot better.” My daughter just naturally sits and stands nicely and the teeth ….well ….pretty good. As for my husband, Mr. Type A Personality, he makes lists and lists and lists and for the most part gets them done. Now he doesn’t do what I want done first, but generally he likes to keep everything up.

    • avatar admin says:

      I call them reminders, too, Sybil, but nobody else seems to see it that way, lol. In my more contemplative times, I wonder what would happen if somebody gave me a list-! I guess that’s why I dish them out first.

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