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National Parks Free!

Yes, folks, this is the weekend that all of our U.S. National Parks are free.  They are waiving admission fees in honor of our Veterans.  How special!  If you have the day off on Monday, that might make a nice and affordable getaway.

We thank our Veterans for their faithful service to our country.  You are all in our prayers, while in active service, as well as when you return home and may experience difficulty in finding a job.

Few know it, but the rate of unemployment among Veterans is higher than the average population, and that’s really a shame.  Also the rate of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicide is higher than normal.  Unfortunate, but we can understand the pressures of war and what they do to an individual, and to a family waiting for a loved one to come home, and readjust to civilian life.

We appreciate you and pray for you and yours.



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