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Needed in Inaccessible Places: Travel on Steroids

1I promise I will get back to special ed. But for now, emergencies loom. I am needed in all of the most inaccessible places of the earth. This is what one might call travel on steroids.

I check flights. Not on the usual travel sites. Instead, I try to take into consideration time and money, a unique concept in corporate travel. The same, exact flight can be half the cost if you’re willing to do a little legwork.

Now I know why few people do it.

There’s a whole lot of fine print, such as a transfer involving a layover of 54 hours. I kid 2-crh3-trainyou not. But wait. Now that I look closer, that layover costs $1360 more. How does that fit the criteria of saving time or money???

The problem with trying to get to remote, inaccessible travel destinations is that your travel generally takes you through exotic locales, places people want to go. And that hikes up your travel costs such as airfare.

pedicabBack to the drawing board. And a good thing: my “booking session” was about to time-out, anyway. So I need to think and move quickly.

I check out local holidays. I see. By flying there for a week of possible dates, I end up with three usable days after deleting holidays. So that’s why those dates are available.

Back to the drawing board.

Or, I can travel over hill and over dale and plan to stay for two weeks to end up with donkeyapproximately one week of usable time on the ground. Great. I’ve been in that movie: sitting in a foreign field far from home, trying to stay out of trouble until I can catch the next available flight back.

Which is never available. And without set flights, I can’t really book specific accommodations which are going like hotcakes.

Have you ever been needed in inaccessible places? They’re generally dangerous places, too, but we will leave that for another day….


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