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Never Stop Dreaming

washington-dc-091.jpg On this 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s history-making “I Have A Dream” speech, isn’t it time to renew our commitment to dreaming?

We all know that dreaming, without action, is a waste of time, but very little that’s good begins without dreams. What ever happened in order to crash and burn our hopes and expectations? Why do we no longer dream with the dewy-faced fervor that once sprung from an innocent heart?

Instead, the fun of a fantasy-driven future is often replaced with nightmarish now, the present problems that weigh us down as adults and cause us to shipwreck on the shoals. I am choosing to walk away from that. Rather than running from nightmares, I am deciding to move with confidence in the direction of my dreams. Whatever they may be. I seem to have lost track of what happens next after winning the lottery.

What were those dreams and goals embraced long ago? You know, the wildly impossible ideas that bolstered our imagination and made us wonder, “What if…?” The thoughts that made us wake up energized, and ready to tackle a new day. The daydreams that were sweet, and as simple or complex as we cared to make them.

Like a shimmering mirage in the heat of the desert, dreams motivate us to stretch, to reach, to be more and do more than we ever thought possible. Rather than trudge along lock-step through life, we can break free with a new vision of the future.

I dream of the time when we can enjoy life and have a minute to stare at the trees or the toes, instead of rushing to head for the next high-stress highway. I dream of a day when the house will be clean… and stay clean. I dream of myself at a good weight, no, make that an actual goal weight that’s healthy and energetic. I dream of adoptions that have realistic costs, rather than gouging the do-gooders. I dream of having a second or two to compose my thoughts. I dream of stocks that go up, and cholesterol that goes down. I dream of computers that save me time. I dream of children’s menus that are available to those of any age. I dream that the papparazzi will stop following me. (Hey, these are my fantasies, okay?)

I dream that I will get my own show on TLC and the camera crew will only come on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. I dream that we will buy a luxury villa somewhere exotic, and that our current homes stay maintenance-free for the next 20 to 50 years, at least. I dream that our kids will grow up to be perfect gentlemen who have common sense, street smarts, and a winning streak in everything they endeavor. I dream that our dogs will escape mats in their fur and mites on their skin. I dream of work that will be inspirational, and a salary that will be astronomical.

I dream of a country where idealism and pragmatism are not mutually exclusive. I dream of cars that save on gas and do not cost double or triple the price of a regular car. I dream of good hair days, wrinkle-free natural fiber clothes, and a wrinkle-free face. I dream of neighbors who don’t make me nuts. I dream of films that are uplifting and television that is commercial-free. I dream of compassion and kindness for children worldwide. I dream of fresh air, and pastoral peace and quiet.

I have a dream. Time to pull it into the present.

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