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New Makeup for Moi

I have no makeup.  This could be termed not just a “problem”, but a national emergency.  We wouldn’t want people fainting or driving off the road in horror, would we?

Turns out that my makeup was left behind when exiting the dacha.  This happens very rarely, military operation that we have in packing and unpacking.  (No, we do not have duplicates of everything, everywhere, though just today I was discussing with the kids the feasibility of them having two sets of tennis shoes, so that they can wear their nice shoes for travel and not have to pack sneakers, as well.  I broached the subject, open, flexible, and understanding person that I am.)

Here it was, turning evening in the city, and no makeup.  Quite a conundrum.  Everything was closed, except for a corner drug store, or a small grocery.  Which meant that either end of the spectrum, whether designer lines, or el cheapo stuff was totally missing.  Instead, the perfectly sufficient-in-a-pinch middle-of-the-road makeup was there, marked up about 50% over what any discount retailer might offer.

Suddenly, I feel outraged.  I want the el cheapo stuff.  Not really, but I did long for a Dollar Tree.  The drug store had no, I repeat, NO blush anywhere.  As I went down the list, kicking myself over that recent fat pencil that I had purchased, said to handle both lips and cheeks, but now at the dacha, I decided to conserve in my own special way, buying an eyeshadow which could also double as a blush.  Who cared that I looked rather clownlike, and that my eyebrows were virtually invisible?

Liberally applying powder, it toned down any garish elements and gave a rather neutral look.  I really didn’t look bad with the few changes here and there.

Grabbing a nailpolish on my way to checkout, I hated the fact that I had recently pitched old bottles from my city bathroom.  I could easily survive a couple of days with a muted mini-polish designed for teens from a 99-cent bin, but alas, we were talking full-sized bottles nearing the double digits… and not in cents.

Why the sudden penny-pinching mentality?  Probably because I “needed” none of the above, and was frustrated to have left my makeup behind.

But you know what?  I’m making it in the meantime, and actually liking the new moi.  Not that there’s that much of a variation on a theme, but new can be nice.

Have you ever forgotten, or left something behind?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Everytime I travel. I’ve gotten so paranoid about it I pretty much empty my entire bathroom drawer into a bag everytime I go somewhere. In my defense it usually ends up saving Hubby from a pimple, a boo boo on a kid, and sudden fever in the child who can’t swallow pills yet more often than it does me.

    The worst packing disaster was not packing a thing for Hubby for a cabin trip to the mountains. He thought I packed for him, I told him to pack for himself. He had only swim trunks and a t-shirt for a three day trip and we were WAY too far in the boonies for a Wal-Mart run. Worked in my favor though as he no longer expects me to pack for him.

  2. avatar Sybil says:

    We go to Seattle every 6-8 weeks and recently I was three (we live in the SF Bay area) and it was supposedly a 5 day trip. I took 2 days extra of medication I need daily “just in case”. The Seattle area had the worst snow storm since the 1950’s. In the area we were staying we were totally snowed in – couldn’t even get out to the driveway and the streets were impossible. I was in real trouble regarding medication. I had to stay 8 days instead of 5 and it was a dicey situation for me. Moral of the story…take about a weeks extra medication for something you NEED to take daily. You just never know what can happen.

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